Hamstring injuries are painful and they are easy to get if you play sports or like to work out. Most hamstring injuries can be treated at home by resting your leg and taking pain medication. If your hamstring is torn or severe, you might need surgery. If you can’t walk or put weight on your leg you will want to see a doctor so you can get placed on a proper treatment plan.

Most people end up with hamstring injuries from getting hurt playing sports. You are also more likely to get injured if you have injured your hamstring in the past. If you are out of shape you are more likely to get injured since your body isn’t going to be used to a lot of challenging activity. Athletes are more likely to get hamstring injuries if their muscles are imbalanced.

If you do injure your hamstrings it is important that you don’t do challenging workouts until your hamstrings have healed. If you try to work out too vigorously before your hamstrings are healed you could end up injuring them again and this is very painful. The back of your leg is going to hurt and it could even become bruised. The hamstring is a large muscle so there is going to be a lot of pain and the pain is going to go down most of your leg.

One of the best things you can do to prevent hamstring injuries is to stretch and do exercises that are going to strengthen your hamstrings. It is important to be in shape and to also be flexible if you are going to be doing a lot of challenging sports. Sports are hard on your body and if you are planning on doing lots of hard sports you are going to want to keep your body in amazing shape.

If you do think you have a hamstring injury, you are going to want to visit the professional physician so you can be diagnosed. The doctor is going to look for swelling and will feel your leg to see if there are any sore spots. Your doctor might also spend time moving your leg around to see where the injured areas are. If you have a serious hamstring injury, the muscle can actually pull away from the bone or tear and you will need aggressive treatment if you have a serious tear.

Less serious hamstring tears can be healed with home treatment. You will want to take it easy on the affected leg so it gets a chance to heal. If it is difficult to walk on the leg you might need to use a cane or crutches to get around so you don’t have to put your full weight on the leg. You can apply ice packs to your leg to reduce the swelling and the ice will also reduce any pain you are experiencing.

If your leg is swelling, you can use a compression bandage to stop the swelling. When you are resting make sure that you elevate your leg as this will help to reduce the swelling. You can also take pain medication if you are experiencing a lot of pain and the medication will also reduce the swelling. You should start to see relief in a few days and you can gradually return to your normal activity level. Don’t participate in intense sports until your leg is fully healed. If you are not getting any relief from home treatments you will want to go back to the doctor and get additional treatment. Hamstring injuries are painful, but most of them go away on their own.