Physiotherapy works to maintain and promote people's health; improving the quality of living.

 Onephysiotherapyreading is a site specifically designed to promote thinking and improved methodology to Physical Therapists.  Our goal is to assist in the delivery of quality, evidence-based reviews to help the average clinician improve their practice. This site is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure an illness.  It is simply intended to provide information to physiotherapy and its benefits.


To provide a credible and reliable channel through which clinical pain scientists can bring their scientific discoveries straight into the real world. We reckon that the communication bit of science is the bit that often drags the chain of knowledge development and transfer. We want to communicate our science better. We want to side-step, or perhaps leap-frog, the arduous journey that new discoveries make before they have the opportunity to influence the real world. 

We want people to share in our fascination with the fearful and wonderful complexity of the human; we want people to understand the scientific discoveries as they occur, not 20 years later, to grasp their significance and potential relevance to everyday life, but to also become astute sifters of the wheat from the chaff.  We want to be a reliable go-to web space for the latest developments in the science of pain.